Face Together Wellness

Reproductive Psychiatry Practice in Los Angeles, California

My Philosophy:

I help people who feel bad to feel better and live their best lives.

I treat people local to Houston or other areas of Texas by video who are looking for a more comprehensive and holistic approach to psychiatric medicine. If you ever had a doctor “throw pills” at you with little explanation, if a provider didn’t listen to you, didn’t explain, and you wanted more control of your own healthcare – then you are in the right place.

I am a board certified psychiatrist and prescribe medications, but I realize that people are sometimes more complicated than textbooks. You will get evidence based, but individualized and not “cookbook” or “checklist” medicine here.

Areas of Focus

I thrive with complexity. I have expertise helping clients whose psychiatric symptoms such as PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, panic, and depression are complicated by other health problems such as traumatic brain injury, thyroid disease, kidney problems, liver problems, autoimmune disease, frequent pain, sleep problems, alcohol use, and other medical issues. These common problems must be considered for a mental health treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs, because they can make psychiatric symptom treatment more difficult. The patients who come to me have often tried other treatments in the past that didn’t work. So now, they don’t want to waste time, and they want value. They want a renewed sense of purpose and meaning, they want better sleep, they want to improve their relationships, they want to be able to turn off their minds long enough to relax and enjoy being on vacation, and they want a treatment plan that works best for them.

It’s time for a personalized, comprehensive and holistic treatment plan that works for you so you can:

  • Have a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual meaning in your life
  • Drink less and sleep better
  • Build stronger relationships with your partner, family, and friends
  • Turn off your mind long enough to relax and enjoy being on vacation
  • Keep stress from worsening immune conditions and chronic pain
  • Accomplish things so that you can start to value yourself again

Drinking Alcohol

Medications and therapy can help you drink less alcohol. There are medicines available that help cravings to reduce the amount you drink.

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